Ads eat more than half of the page loading time

While advertising is an important part of the internet, much of today’s web is plagued with slow loading ads. Cumbersome ads are one of the main reasons why people choose to use an ad blocker. These ads are also a major issue for the websites themselves. To illustrate the problem, we have released... Русское сообщество Uncategorized

Video call friends and family to stay in touch over Christmas

The countdown to Christmas is here! But with more of us living abroad, or with families living in and travelling to different parts of the world, we can easily get that FOMO feeling. We’re big fans of video calling apps at Opera, since many of us are expats (or have just caught the travel bug) and... Русское сообщество Uncategorized

State of the Mobile Web: Africa 2016 report

 The full PDF report can be found here: opera-smwafrica2016 Below are the key highlights from this years Sate of the Mobile Web: Africa report:  ... Русское сообщество Uncategorized

More than 50% of top shopping apps collect users’ personal information through trackers

More than half of the top 60 Android shopping apps collect users’ personal information through trackers, a new study finds. The result is from a privacy risk assessment on Opera Max, a leading data management and data savings app for Android. The 60 most popular shopping apps were reviewed using... Русское сообщество Uncategorized

4 ways to save bookmarks in Opera Mini

Did you know you have four options to save bookmarks in Opera Mini? Take a look at these features in the three-dots menu that will help organize your favorite sites: 1. Save for offline reading This option is perfect for those times when you run out of mobile data – or if you are on a limited... Русское сообщество Uncategorized

Follow news sources you like with RSS reader in Opera

Want more personalized content on your browser? Opera for computers has RSS support for its personalized news reader. What is an RSS feed? An RSS feed is a web format used to serve regularly changing content. If a website you like has an RSS feed, you can add it into your reader and stay... Русское сообщество Uncategorized

What does VPN mean and should you use one?

VPN’s are more popular than ever. Have you jumped on the private network train yet? If not, here’s a quick summary of what a VPN actually means and why there’s all the buzz around it The internet can feel like a bit of a jungle (and not always a safe one) at the best of times which is why more... Русское сообщество Uncategorized

Remove ads on Android and keep track of how many ads you’ve blocked

Have you ever been curious about how many ads you are exposed to when browsing the web? If so, then try the Opera Mini mobile browser’s ad blocking features! You will be able to remove ads on Android for FREE, while knowing exactly how many ads are being blocked when loading a page. 1. Remove ads... Русское сообщество Uncategorized

How to change your IP address

Did you know that more than 24% of the world’s internet population have tried or are currently using VPN services? One of the primary reasons is that people want to keep their anonymity while browsing online. What is an IP address and why hide it? IP addresses are individual numbers that identify... Русское сообщество Uncategorized

Data-saving apps: Free apps to reduce your mobile data usage

Do you have a monthly data limit on your mobile, pay per megabyte for web usage or want to use data roaming on your next trip abroad? Take control of your data by using data-savings apps that reduce the amount you consume, so that you can get maximum usage out of your data limit. Here are two free... Русское сообщество Uncategorized

How to set up a VPN

This month, we finally rolled out our built-in VPN in the stable version of Opera for computers. Woohoo! It’s free, unlimited and does not require a log-in. The best browser gets even better. @opera 40 is out: — Martin Wolf (@_martinwolf) September 20, 2016 Opera brings... Русское сообщество Uncategorized

How are progressive web apps making the African web better?

We just completed a three-stop roadshow of Africa with Google. We talked to developers in Nairobi, Lagos and Johannesburg about progressive web apps (PWAs), what they are and why they have the power to change the African web for the better. The #PWARoadShow gang met with @ShopKonga, an early... Русское сообщество Uncategorized

Block background data usage to extend your mobile data plan

Are you wondering where your mobile data plan went? Chances are it wasn’t just your video data usage from YouTube or Netflix. In a study around app usage with Opera Max, we found that 30% of mobile data usage actually happens in the background. Fortunately, Opera Max, our free data-management... Русское сообщество Uncategorized

Data saving tips for Android users

Want to get more from your mobile data plan? If you’re an Android user, here are some data saving tips to help you. The newest Android operating system, Nougat, was recently made available on selected phones, including some Nexus models. Nougat comes with a Data Saver feature that I tested out... Русское сообщество Uncategorized

How to block ads in 4 simple steps

Heavy ads on websites can slow down your browsing experience significantly. Many ads also demand a lot of data, which can make your mobile data plan run out way too soon. Because we know that big, heavy ads are a problem for many of you, we have gathered some tips on how to block ads, both on your... Русское сообщество Uncategorized

Data Saver in Android Nougat: testing mobile data savings

The latest Android OS update, Nougat, rolled out today to select phones. According to Lifehacker, it is now available for Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus Player, Pixel C and General Mobile 4G (Android One) devices. It will also be available for users who signed up for the beta program,... Русское сообщество Uncategorized

Free VPN for Android without data limits: Opera VPN

Keen on checking your Wi-Fi security and getting more online content with a free VPN for Android? Head over to Google Play today and get our newest app, Opera VPN for Android. It has no data limits and requires neither a log-in nor a subscription. If you have an iPhone, you can also get Opera VPN... Русское сообщество Uncategorized

Custom themes and other personalization features in Opera Mini

Want to bring more personal style into your mobile browser? Do that with Opera Mini! Let me tell you more about its custom themes and other personalization options. 1. Custom themes – choose images you like Personalize your browser even more with color themes! Once you pick your favorite one,... Русское сообщество Uncategorized

Rio games’ results: Best sources of live sports news

Rio games are finally here and they are not leaving our side for 17 days straight! Keep track of live sports news and results on your mobile with these sites: NBC Olympics BBC Olympics Rio official games’ page ESPN Olympics Browse the best Olympics live news websites in the Opera... Русское сообщество Uncategorized

Get Boomerang for Gmail as an Opera extension

Even in the age of Slack and video-chat apps, email remains relevant, especially for work communication that needs a concrete, viewable thread for reviewing progress on projects and tasks. Boomerang for Gmail is an extension that lets you take even better control of your inbox. It lets you... Русское сообщество Uncategorized

Трафик и новогодние праздники — куда лить?

Эксперты сервиса GetDirect делятся статистикой и наблюдениями о предпраздничном трафике.... Тренды/

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